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#Repost Challenge


Remember when all you needed when you were down, was someone telling you they’ve been through the same thing aur sab theek ho jayega? Here’s your chance to be that for someone by sharing how far you’ve come.

Tell us about a throwback you're thankful for by taking the #Repost challenge.

Hum sabne ye phase experience kiya hai when we doubted ourselves, questioned our worth and wondered "WHY IS EVERYTHING SO TOUGH?" We all have had difficult moments in life but as you look back you realize it was that very stumble that forced you to work harder and more sincerely.

We would love to hear your story! Bas Instagram pe 2 pictures post karni hain - one, a throwback to when life was difficult or you were under-confident and shied away from stepping out of the shadows, and, two, a current picture where you are in a happier zone after conquering whatever that had pulled you back.

Here's how to participate:


Caption the two pictures - tab se aaj tak ki journey, from despair to belief.


Do not forget to use the hashtags #SunsilkIndia #SunsilkGirlGiri and #RepostChallenge in your posts, so you can inspire a young girl, jo khud shayad ek mushkil phase mein ho? Tag @sunsilkIndia as well

Bring out the message that failures - in whatever capacity - may leave you on the brink but there is no reason to lose hope, because in the end, your hard work and passion is all that it takes to turn it around. Sab theek ho jaata hai.

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