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#10DayExcersise Challenge


Being physically active is important for your overall wellbeing and puts you in the right mindset for success. Apne comfort zone se bahar niklo and take this 10 day challenge!

Fall in love with taking care of your body. Here's your chance to be a part of our #10DayExercise challenge.

It’s the same old routine every morning. You find yourself hitting the snooze button a zillion times before you realise there is no extending it. And jaise-taise, you drag yourself out of bed ready to start the day. But how we start our day is key to our health and mental wellbeing, and ek morning exercise routine se accha kuch nahi!

Here's how to participate:


Tick the exercises done each day on your Instagram Story aur share karo ek short video with the day’s activity using the hashtag #SunsilkIndia #SunsilkGirlGiri and #CalmBeforeTheChaos and tag @sunsilkIndia.


Nominate your friends to take part in the challenge as well, and agar 10 days mein you feel a change, please bataiye how the activities helped you and whether you will continue even after you have completed our set of challenges.

Download our Instagram challenge template to track your progress.

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