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#PresentAnEvent Challenge


Everyone has a sports moment that impacted them. But can you vlog yourself talking about? Here's your chance!

Apni anchoring dreams ko poora karo as you turn a sports anchor for our #PresentAnEvent challenge!

Do you love sports and often dream about being in front of the camera as you narrate the actions that have happened on the field? Do you love research and dig up numbers to analyze every shot hit or point scored in a game? Kya aapko glitter-glamour aur limelight pasand hai? How about turning a news presenter for this challenge?

Here's how to participate:


Take to Instagram or Facebook and create a short video (less than 5 minutes) summarising one of the greatest sporting events that you have seen or heard about. Thodi si research and dher saara presentation!


You do not need to include a clip of the game in your video. We just want you to talk as an anchor who is narrating the incidents of the game after the match has ended.


Talk about the technicalities, the turning point of the match and how the teams fared, just like a sports presenter would. Mention your favourite shots/moves from the game, the player who made the maximum impact and how close the match was. But, unbiased rehna bohot zaroori hai, as a presenter cannot take sides!


Use the hashtags #SunsilkIndia #SunsilkGirlGiri and #PresentAnEvent and tag @sunsilkindia and tag as many friends as possible, so that young women get the opportunity to shed their inhibitions and dil se bolein, khul ke bolein.

The sports realm is, afterall, not just a place for the men.

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