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Do You Know These Inspiring Female Singers?

Female singers don’t have it easy in India. But these women kept going to make their dreams come true. Pair these successful musicians with the “secure” jobs they left to follow their dreams #SunsilkGirlGiri

Aditi Ramesh: Did you know Aditi Ramesh was working, until one day she realised there was a gradual build-up of “a feeling of frustration of losing all that learning”. She decided she wanted more than just doing music on the side. What was the career she left to pursue music?

Smita Bellur: Smita Bellur had a well-paying job in Bengaluru, when she gave in to her life-long dream to sing. The Hindustani classical vocalist and Sufi singer is now one of the most celebrated artists. Which field did she leave behind to do music?

Neha Kakkar: Neha Kakkar started performing at local gatherings due to financial crisis till she was 16 years old, when she auditioned for a music reality TV show Indian Idol. How far did Neha make it in Indian Idol before she was eliminated?

Dhvani Bhanushali: She began singing at the age of 13 at school and created a YouTube channel, which made her a musical sensation overnight. She is the youngest singer to hit 1 billion views on YouTube through her two singles, "Vaaste" and "Leja Re", at age of 21. How old was Dhvani when she launched her YouTube channel?

Monali Thakur: After getting eliminated from Indian Idol, Monali struggled to find a foothold in the music industry, but kept trying till she scored "Zara Zara Touch Me", which became the fourth-most-played song on Indian radio during the first half of 2008. How was Monali placed in Indian Idol when she was eliminated from the show?


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