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#DanceDiva Challenge


Have you seen Dhvani Bhanushali starring in her music videos and killing it? Here's your chance to do the same! Just find a song you love aur apna ek music video banao! Think you’ve got the moves? Toh ye challenge aapke hi liye hai!

Dig deeper to discover your inner #DanceDiva and take this chance make her the star of this challenge.

Music videos today are getting quite creative with art-oriented visuals, animation and even crowdsourced montages. Toh khud ka hi ek video kyun na banaya jaaye? Of the song that you love, which has the unbeatable combination of inspiring lyrics, compulsive hook and steps that you can ace.If you enjoy a good beat and have a current favourite or go-to dance number, toh taiyaar ho jaao, to kill it! Dance to it or even lip sync to it. As you like!

Reference tips on how to create and upload your mix:

> First, build a library of audio files you want to mix.

> Add your tracks in an MP3 format.

> Tweak the tempo and EQ to make sure the mix is seamless.

> Make sure you have a soundcloud account so that you can login and upload. Click "Upload and Share" and choose your file.

> Make sure that the recording quality is as clear as it gets - no background noise unless it's a part of the mash-up.

Here’s how you can participate:


Who pops in your head when you hear the words “inspirational female artist”? Apni favourite tune pick karo - Something by her that you love dancing to or have always wanted to dance to.


Dress up and get creative with your dance moves and record a video!


Upload it on Instagram and tag @sunsilkindia and use the hashtags #dancedivachallenge and #SunsilkGirlGiri and start posting!

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