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So, You’re A Sports Fan? Test Your Knowledge!

India’s scoring at a lot more than just men’s cricket but how much can you score in this quiz? #SunsilkGirlGiri

What is the informal name given to running out the non-striking batsman in cricket whilst he is backing up and is often controversial?

What sport is the “hairpin net shot” associated with?

Which indoor sport uses the word ‘castling”?

The best definition of the tennis term “breakpoint” is…

When a player goes to the opponent’s half of the court in kabaddi, he has to chant 'kabaddi' in one breath continuously. What is the chanting called?

Which popular sport in India has the Greco-Roman category?

When is a football team awarded a penalty kick?

What is the duration of a hockey game as per the latest regulations?

Dipa Karmakar, Hima Das, Deepika Kumari and Joshna Chinappa belong to these respective sports

The international tennis calendar has 4 Grand Slams. Which are they?


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