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Dhvani Bhanushali uploaded covers of her favourite songs of Beyonce and Taylor Swift on YouTube before she got big. Now she’s an extremely popular singer who doesn’t let negative comments get her down.

Singer Dhvani Bhanushali talks about dealing with making her passion her career, learning from your mistakes aur kaise family ke support se sab kuch itna asaan ho jaata hai.

Dhvani and her mother

A part of her school choir, Dhvani Bhanushali stumbled upon her love for music in school. Listening to artists such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Shakira and Selena Gomez, and getting inspired by their lives, Dhvani, then untrained, started creating her own videos and uploading them on YouTube. Bas, wahi thi Dhvani ke professional career ki shuruaat, even though she didn’t know it.

“I was not trained in music, main gaati thi kyuki mujhe gaana pasand tha,” says the now successful vocalist, who was a curious kid that wanted to try everything. “I have always been scared that apne passion ko ek professional career banana comes with a lot of uncertainty and stress. In assumptions ki wajah se I was scared entering into this profession,” she confesses.

She was ‘discovered’ when her original YouTube upload “Vaaste” crossed 900 million views. Since then she has sung for many Bollywood movies.

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Dhvani is very celebrated and has sung for many Bollywood movies. It’s been a great but a challenging journey, nevertheless. But, sabse bade challenges toh humare andar hi hote hain na? “It has always been a struggle for me to get my self-esteem up after having a bad day,” says Dhvani, who has decided ki woh criticism and harsh comments ko khud pe haavi nahi hone degi, but instead, will take it in her stride. “This will inspire me to push myself to do better things, to be out there and not let the nerves get the best of me,” she adds. Music is what she turns to calm her nerves as well - Unstoppable by Sia is her go-to pick-me-up song.

Apne craft ko improve aur embrace karne ka sabse bada part hai to turn your mistakes around. For, that’s how Dhvani learnt. “I am at a stage in life where all my mistakes are a learning experience for me. Har mistake ek nayi opportunity leke aayi hai. The frequency is decreasing par mujhe seekhte rehna hai.” adds the singer who dreams of doing a tour like Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour.

While she chases that dream, she credits her family for supporting her to achieve her dream of being a musician. And this has only boosted her confidence. “They have always had confidence in me, never denying me anything. I feel lucky that mujhe mere parents ka constant support mila hai” she says, adding that her father is her biggest inspiration and mentor.

What’s the mantra she follows today? To be careful about making decisions with a pinch of salt. “You never know what the consequences would be,” comes her mature advice. “It’s crucial to never give up and follow your dreams. Failures aate jaate rahenge par hardwork hamesha rahega and that will enable you to fulfil your dreams and passion,” she concludes.

Failures will come and go but only hard work will enable you to fulfil your dreams and passion #SunsilkGirlGiri
Dhvani Bhanushali
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