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Nikita Varma tied together her passions of food and content creation to become a very successful food blogger. Scroll through to find out how she manages to gather so many likes and followers!

Street food secrets se lekar tried and tested hacks tak, digital creator Nikita Varma will have you like and share her story of success.

Food and travel blogger Nikita Varma left a promising career as a journalist and double-tapped on her passion of content creation three years ago. Tab se, not only has she managed to grow her family of Instagram followers on her handle @iamdatingfood to 246,000 but has also become an inspiration for many young girls jo ab blogging ko apna full-time career banana chahti hain. Keep reading to explore how Nikita manages to stay on top of the IG game with her knowledge of tasty trends and tastier treats!

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“As an introverted child, I grew up being more of a listener than a speaker. I was not comfortable with the crowd,” shares Nikita, who recalled an overwhelming incident when she was asked by her teacher to address a school assembly. Post journalism college, Nikita chose print media over being an anchor. “Main hamesha khud ko ‘behind-the-cameras’ zyada behtar maanti thi. And not in front of the camera,” she confessed.

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But her passion gave Nikita’s confidence an upsurge when she started interacting with her Instagram followers. "Main confident hoon because I am telling people about what I know best,” says Nikita, thus, proving that self-confidence is a super-power you develop when you work your way towards becoming an expert at your craft. Nikita, whose content now is more video-based than ever, advises, “Confidence 2-3 dino mein nahi aata. Bohot saari practice lagti hai to be in front of the camera.” And if given a chance, this successful story-teller would want to revisit that day in school just to tell her peers that it’s moments like these that really make you grow!

Although Nikita specializes in creating her own recipes, it’s maa ke haath ka khana that she loves best. Ask the digital diva about her favourite dish jhat se jawaab aata hai-  “Baghare baingan (an authentic Hyderabadi brinjal curry) has been my most favorite dish of all time,” Nikita doesn’t believe in bragging about her goals but instead, in “working towards them.” She is currently trying to make her feed more fabulous by learning about food styling and creating bite-sized recipe videos. Because, after all, food hi toh hai jo logon ko saath jodta hai.

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Nikita Varma
Nikita with Blue door

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