Colourful plate of food

#RainbowOnMyPlate Challenge


Have you wondered how food bloggers make their food look so appealing even if it’s just a picture? Click through for tips and tricks aur khud bhi try karo!

Want to eat better? Here's your chance to add some colour to your diet with the #RainbowOnMyPlate challenge.

Eat your greens, magar doosre colors ko bhi bhoolna mat!

Even before you click the picture, the way you style, plate, and present your dish to the world talks about your personality too! A colourful plate is pleasing to both, the eyes and the tastebuds. Jaise Sunsilk ke apne dher saare rang hain, waise hi, you too can be bold, vibrant, and colourful with your food photography.

Here are some fun tips before you start styling:

> Koi bhi fancy props mein invest karne ki zaroorat nahi! - let the ingredients do the talking.

> Use dark backgrounds for light objects or vice versa to create images that pop!

> Need a bright picture? Flash aur kitchen light ko avoid karo! Just take your dish to a bright spot near a window during daytime.

> Master the perfect flat lay by making sure your phone camera is parallel to the plate.

> Apne favorite bloggers ke reference pictures save karo, aur fir  jaise mann chaahe recreate karo! And wherever possible, follow the rule of thirds.

By being a part of the #RainbowOnMyPlate challenge you can now flaunt your colourful creativity by styling and clicking a dish that’s equally rainbow-like.

This is how you can participate:


Create, style, plate and present a dish that is colourful using your styling and photography skills.


Share it with the world by tagging @sunsilkindia and using the hashtags #RainbowOnMyPlate, #SunsilkGirlGiri and #SunsilkIndia on an Instagram or Facebook post.


We all love watching the rainbow, so plate mein jitne zyada colours, utna better!


Apne winning chances aur badhao by getting your friends to like, comment on, and share the post.

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