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#HealthyHabits Challenge


Build a better version of you with healthier food habits. 10 day food bingo challenge mein participate karo aur khud ko thoda surprise?

It’s a 10-day bingo challenge to build a better you! Here's your chance to make happiness your priority with the #HealthyHabits challenge.

They say you are what you eat, so why not improve your food habits to better yourself? Keen on starting a good habit but soch rahe ho ki shuru kaise karein? Always remember that it’s your healthy choices jo healthy habits mein badalti hain. Start small, but start somewhere and you’ll soon see yourself slowly nearing that healthiest version of you!

Take our #HealthyHabitsChallenge that will help you gain your independence with one small and delicious step every day. After all, boond boond se sagar banta hai!

Here’s how you can participate:


Take a screenshot of our #HealthyHabitsChallenge story on Instagram. With 10 different goals for 10 different days, the #HealthyHabitsChallenge bingo is a fun way for you to share your progress!


Har din ek challenge complete karo and at the end of it put a tick next to the task before sharing it on your Instagram story.


Make things interesting by tagging 3 of your friends, asking them to take the challenge as well.


Par post karne se pehle, don’t forget to tag @sunsilkindia, #HealthyHabitsChallenge and #SunsilkGirlGiri on it!


You can also earn bonus points if you share your progress with us through a post using the hashtag #HealthyHabitsChallenge.

Download our Instagram challenge template to track your progress.

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