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Can You Fix These 5 Common Cooking Mistakes?

Everyone’s made one of these five cooking mistakes but let’s see if you know how to fix them.

You used your mom’s recipe to make her famous chicken curry. But the amount of salt you’ve added makes it taste like the Arabian sea! What will you do?

Oh no, wasn’t that the shiny steel kadhai that your sister loves? Well, who knew that burning milk in it could turn it black... But wait, don’t hide it away yet. This is what you could do to restore it’s shine!

Lunch today is your favourite dal rice combo, but uh oh, seems like there’s more water than dal in that pan. How can you still add tadka to this comfort meal?

So, you just tasted your curry/gravy dish while it’s cooking and now, there’s smoke coming out of your ears! How can you enjoy it without throwing it all away?

That urgent call from your bestie came right when you started cooking. Now, the Biryani has an added ‘burnt’ flavour to it. There’s a way to fix this bad kitchen day!


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