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#StyleSwitch Challenge


Aap ek situation ko kaise switch karoge? With style, of course. Even changing your hairstyle from day to glam in seconds?

Here’s your chance to become a beauty hair blogger just like Shalini for the #StyleSwitch challenge.

Apne style transformation ko show-off kijiye a short Instagram video. Let’s all discover fast and easy ways to glam up especially tab, jab we’re running short on time and pick up tips and hacks from each other!

Here’s how you can participate:


Shoot a video showing how you achieve a hairstyle switch in under 5 minutes. Make sure it’s fun, aur let’s go thoda easy and achievable on this one with minimum tools (eg. Rubber bands, bobby pins only).


Upload it on Instagram using #SunsilkGirlGiri, #SunsilkStyleSwitch and #SunsilkIndia, and tag @sunsilkindia aur sabke saath share karo!

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