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8 Ways To Convert Your Passion Into A Career

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It’s great that you have a passion but can it become your source of income?


Identify Your Passion

Ask any successful person the secret of starting off and they will tell you that in order to pick a profession, it's important that you identify your passion. Knowing your superpower changes everything! So, think about what makes you look forward to a new day and puts a smile on your face.


Do Your Homework

It’s great to start out with a plan and to build one, you need to do your research. Identify someone who has excelled in this field and speak to them about their story. Find out how exactly you can monetize your passion. Because, a career needs to be one that helps you earn.


Find What Makes You Unique

While there will be many who share the same passion as you, what is it that sets you apart? Develop a personal style that represents who you are and stick to it.


Gather Your Audience

Take feedback and implement it. Ask your friends to give honest opinions and suggestions for improvement.  See if you can make them your first customers – ones that will pay you in return and spread the word about your work.


Get Yourself Noticed

Creating a name for yourself takes time and effort. Hone your skills by finding a mentor, getting an internship, or looking for freelance or project-based opportunities online that might help you elevate them.


Strut Your Stuff

Make an online portfolio for your work. It could be anywhere – Instagram, YouTube, Facebook – as long as it helps you showcase your passion and reach the right people. Work on building a community that understands, appreciates, and recommends your craft.


Keep Yourself Motivated

Every journey towards your dreams has its shares of ups and downs. Do not get disheartened due to a setback. Rather, use it as an opportunity to rise even if things look impossible. So don't give up! Keep doing the #SunsilkGirlGiri and turn your dreams into reality!


Earn Your Way Up

At the end of the day, the objective of any career is to make an income from it. So, keep a close eye on your spendings as well as your earnings. Re-invest some of your income back towards improving your craft, be it via tools or lessons. Remember that you need to be patient, money will come in as long as you stick to your plan.

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