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7 Ways To Help Discover Your Passion

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How will you follow your passion if you don’t even know what it is? Not to worry, follow these steps and you’ll soon find out.


Understand Passion

Before your start figuring your passion, understand what it is. Passion doesn’t mean something you’re good at or something you can monetise. It’s just something that makes you happy, that gets your mind buzzing and gets you out of bed with excitement. What do you find yourself thinking about the most?


Look At Your Habits

Are there any classes at school that make you very excited? Or outside school activities that you never miss? Is there a topic you think you’re an expert on? It could be art, movies, sports, pets, science, literally anything.


Try Everything

Once you know what gets you excited, try everything around it. If you’re happiest when you’re doodling, try different mediums and designs. Try painting with watercolours or try doing henna on your hand. You don’t have to zero in on just one thing but it’s good to know what you enjoy.


Use The Internet

When you find something you enjoy doing, you can look for workshops or classes around you. Or you can use the internet. Youtube is full of tutorials. Reddit is full of discussion groups. Instagram is full of experts you can DM and ask questions to. Use the internet to learn for free till you’re ready to invest in your passion.


Use The Weekend

Since you’re busy on most weekdays, don’t stress yourself out by adding more things to do. But don’t waste away your weekends feeling lazy. Schedule enough time to work on your projects but don’t make it a job. Say you’ll spend 3 hours on Saturday afternoon before you go meet friends. Or Sunday morning after breakfast is reserved for passion finding.


Don’t Worry About Monetising

We’re in a culture where the first thought you have when you’re good at something is, “How to make money out of this?”. Try not to think about this while finding your passion. You can definitely just reserve it to make you happy privately. If you like playing the guitar, don’t put pressure on yourself to become a pop star. You can think about that later. For now just do what makes you happy.


Be Patient With Yourself

Finding your passion might take time. There are people who find theirs when they’re 40 or even older. Don’t rush and fall into things just because people around you are doing it. Go on your own #SunsilkGirlGiri journey and keep trying different things.

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