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7 Ways To Explain Your Dreams To Your Parents

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It’s tough getting your parents on board when you want to make an unconventional career choice. But it’s not impossible.


Share Your Dreams and Aspirations With Your Parents in a Calm Manner

After you have zeroed down on a career path you want to pursue, write down a quick note in your journal before talking to your parents. This can include the things you need to do in order to achieve your dream, like taking a course or talking to teachers about your options. Writing notes will help you prepare, which in turn will make you feel calmer about approaching the subject.


Understand Their Concerns

We all need Plan B! You can allay your parents’ concern by acknowledging the risk and letting them know that you are prepared to handle it! Your parents are likely to support you much more if they know you have weighed your options and are being realistic!


Educate Your Parents to the “Different” Career Options

Most parents still believe that a degree in engineering, commerce or science is what drives you to success. Give them examples of others, who followed an “unconventional” path like the one you want to embark upon, and tasted success.


Explain Your Plans IF Your Ideas Fail

Not to de-motivate you, but if your career has few opportunities, long hours or low pay, you might need to convince your parents about having a fall-back career. The chances of them supporting you will increase manifold if you are realistic and explain that you MIGHT fail and how you can avoid that.


Find a Trustworthy Adult on Your Plans

Often, your parents might trust a close family member more than they trust you. Go to them with your dilemma and ask them to approach your parents. They might explain what you were unable to, in a soothing manner.


Never Curb Your Enthusiasm

Embrace the #SunsilkGirlGiri attitude and show them how much this dream means to you and how excited you are. Your hard work, enthusiasm and eventual success might just help them change their perspective. Use each discouragement to motivate yourself further and never lose hope!


It’s Time to Put Your Words into Actions

Your parents will never really understand your choices unless you show them results. Keep them updated with every positive feedback or when you get new clients. When your parents will see your work assignments or hear about how your work changed someone’s life in a positive way, they will know that there is nothing to worry about.

Always remember, your parents will always love you, and they want you to be happy.

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