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6 Ways To Become Financially Independent

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Independence is important for all young girls. Read on to learn how managing finances can take you one step closer.


Demand Your Worth

When it comes to earning money, one important thing to remember is to ask for your worth. Whether it’s a job, freelance or a one time thing, you should not be afraid of asking for how much you think is fair.


Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About Money

We come from a society where all money matters are hush hush. Even within your own family, but you can change that. Start asking questions, don’t be shy to talk about your own finances, be vocal about how much you’re getting paid and talk to other people in your organisation too.


Budgeting Is Key

Now that you’ve sorted your source of income, you need to divide it into many parts. Make a budget suited to your needs. Travelling, shopping, holidays, savings, investment, and emergency fund are some ways you can divide it. Inculcate a habit


Save Save Save

Whether it’s pocket money or salary, you should make a habit of saving. It might come in use when things are tough or even if you want to make a big splurge. If you’re confused about how much to save, work backwards. Set a goal and then calculate how much of your income needs to be saved every month to reach it in a reasonable time.


Don't Make A Toxic Relationship With Money

Money is a good thing, it enables you to get a host of goods and services that are sometimes essential and sometimes just for fun. Don’t concentrate so much on saving for the future that you stop enjoying the present. Planning and budgeting will make you feel prepared but don’t overdo it or be stingy.


Be Financially Independent

Most girls aren’t taught about money. Most of it is supposed to be controlled but our fathers or husbands. But in order to have financial freedom, we must learn the intricacies of money management ourselves. Ask questions, open your own bank account, learn about investing. It’s easier than we think! It’s your own money, take care of it.

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